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INSURANCE planning

Life insurance coverage is essential to ensure that, in the event of your death, your dependents do not face any financial difficulties. It is important that they receive a sum of money which is sufficient to meet their living expenses, achieve all goals and pay all outstanding liabilities.



We work closely with our partner, Assuredgain Financial planners – a like-minded firm with a vision of serving missionaries (and yes, we’re related), in order to provide financial planning services for our clients.


tax planning

We provide clients with tax planning recommendations throughout the year in order to minimize their taxes. Changes in your unique situation or changing tax laws all present opportunities for tax savings.



Investment management is probably the most complicated area of financial planning and is therefore where many of us procrastinate. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult and benefits of investing.

Client Testimonials

  • "Narendar Kumar is a hardworking, diligent professional. His thorough knowledge in his area of expertise helps him come up with great financial planning suggestions. He has always recommended a plan of action after a detailed understanding of my goals (short & long term). He has built a great team as well - who keep me up-to-date with insightful newsletters and investment-related notifications well in advance. I highly recommend AssuredGain Financial Planners."

  • "Earning money might be difficult but managing money wisely for your goals and growth is even more difficult. At AssuredGain Financial Planners we were educated about our own money and that was an eye opener in itself. Every minute detail was looked into and whenever needed corrective measures were suggested and executed. Being with AssuredGain has not only cleared our financial vision but also made our goals more achievable. This has led us to enjoy our money and see it grow at the same time. The personalized touch at AssuredGain is an additional feather in their cap."

  • "Narendar Kumar's financial advisory consultancy has proved extremely beneficial to my overall financial health. His wide knowledge helped me stay positive financially in this difficult market conditions. I'm glad I have used his consultancy and will continue to use it."

  • "The process of Financial Life Planning has helped me to prioritize my Goals and it encourages us to think about life in terms of our meaningful Goals. It then helped us to identify the Money Management hurdles and also helped us to create a Personal Financial Planning road map to live the life of our dreams. Narendar Kumar you are doing a Great Job !"